Tea Trunk Vanilla Black Tea

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A premium dessert tea that is as sinful as it is healthy. This is a unique blend of two tea varieties from the north and south of India: the robust Assam and the delicately fragrant Nilgiri. Combined with real vanilla beans, the complex flavors of this tea merge beautifully to yield a naturally sweet and aromatic brew. If you thought vanilla was plain, well, think again.

Perfect for those post-meal times when you crave something sweet.

Taste notes are full bodied, sweet and caramel.

Goes well with: chocolate mousse and more chocolate.

Brewing time: 4 Minutes

Water temperature: 100 Degrees Celsius

Milk: Not recommended

Sugar/ Honey: Both Optional

Organic/ Natural: Organic

Weight: 100 Gms Loose Leaf Tea | 50 Cups


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