Pratha Naturals Natural Handmade Soap Gift Pack

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: Pratha Naturals

•Orange Soap (85 g): Orange is a phenomenal fruit as it’s full of ingredients that will help to boost your complexion! Antioxidants found in Oranges fight free radicals which may slow down the production of wrinkles, and stop premature ageing. And you will get the fresh fragrance of Orange in this Orange flower soap.
• Mexican Dark Vanilla Soap (40 g): Vanilla Essential Oil used in this soap can be attributed to its properties as an antioxidant, aphrodisiac, febrifuge, antidepressant, sedative and relaxing substance. It heals your skin to the next level of smoothness
1. Orange Soap: Saponified Oil, Jojoba Oil, Orange Extract, Orange Essential Oil, And Orange Peel Powder
2. Vanilla Soap – Saponified Oils, Avocado Oil Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Essential Oil.


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