Pratha Naturals Arabic Oud Soap

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: handmade soap

: Pratha Naturals

The extraordinary Oud soap was only reserved for the ruling families in the Middle East. Indulge your skin in this royal luxury. With its amazing oriental smell it sends greetings from thousand and one nights. Oud (agarwood) is an extremely rare and precious wood from Asia. Exhibit significant anti-aging effects. The extract can combat wrinkles too.
Ingredients Saponified Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Oud Extract, Oudh Essential Oil, Black Tea, Jojoba Oil
Recommended for Sensitive skin
Guarantee Cold process soap cured for 21 days before sale. We are manufactures of old-fashioned handcrafted handmade, natural artisan bath & beauty line products. These products are created in small batches using a variety of natural oils, butters & botanicals from all over the world. This is 100 % pure naturals soap. We Guarantee - No chemical, No alcohol, No animal fat, No paraben, No surfactant. Happy to be a cruelty free.


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