Nature's Tattva Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil For Skin & Hair, Cold Pressed from Kerala, 200ml

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: Beauty & Skin Care

: Nature's Tattva

          Nature's Tattva Pure Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil For Skin & Hair, from Kerala, 200ml. Our Virgin Coconut oil is now certified ORGANIC. Our Nature's Tattva Pure Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut oil is made from the freshest batch of organic coconuts, by farmers in Kerala. We source and process them in our facility in South India. Coconut oil is as an elixir which is known to treat many skin and hair conditions. It is used in many skin and hair care products as the main ingredient. It is also used in child care products.

Specification: Virgin & Cold Pressed. Made from Organic Coconuts sourced from farmers in Kerala, Excellent Natural Moisturiser & great for Dry Skin & Nourishment of Skin, Gives strength to damaged hair and controls hair fall, Excellent as a baby massage oil. It suits the sensitive baby skin. Promotes healthy metabolism & improves immunity.


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