Nature'S Tattva Pure Olive Oil- For Hair And Skin Care- Cold Pressed, Hexane Free 200ml

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: Hair Oil

: Nature's Tattva

           Our cold pressed olive oil is made from the finest olives collected by specialized craftsman to give you the finest quality. It is versatile and rich in nutrients essential for the skin and hair, making it a valuable addition to your daily beauty routine. When massaged into the hair, it soothes the scalp. It also moisturizes hair, making it radiant, healthy and strong.

          Olive oil is easily absorbed, making it a very good moisturizer for the face and body as it hydrates the skin and makes it supple and smooth. The nutrient-rich oil is also highly effective in reducing signs of aging, especially when applied under the eyes or massaged into the face. It deeply penetrates the skin to remove impurities, making it a great face cleanser and makeup remover.

           It makes the hair on eyebrows and eyelashes, dark and strong, preventing them from thinning or falling out. Olive oil is also very useful in cuticle care and keeps them nourished, giving them a healthy shine. Olive oil, being a carrier/base oil can be easily blended with other carriers as well as essential oils so that it can be effectively used for body and hair massages as well as in aromatherapy.





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