Nature's Tattva Pure Borage Seed Oil, 50ml

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: Beauty & Skin Care

: Nature's Tattva

           Borage is a blue, star-shaped flower found in all parts of the world. It's seeds contain the richest known source of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) which is an Omega 6 essential fatty acid. Borage seed oil not only restores moisture to dry, damaged skin, it is a great remedy for those who suffer from chronic skin disorders. It can be used topically.

Direction to Use- When used directly on the skin, it penetrates well but can leave skin feeling oily, so you might want to use it with a lighter carrier oil such as grapeseed oil. Try using it instead of your night cream. And while you're at it, gently massage it into your nails, especially around the cuticles, before going to sleep.

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