Nature's Tattva Natural, Witch Hazel, 100ml (All Natural Skin Toner, Alcohol Free)

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: Beauty & Skin Care

: Nature's Tattva

              Nature's Tattva Natural Witch Hazel is derived from the bark and leaves of the North-American shrub 'Hamamelis virginiana'. This is a natural extract, thereby maintains all the beneficial natural tannins. This makes it a versatile natural astringent which is safe to use even on the most sensitive skin. It can very well treat and soothe oily, irritated, red, damaged, blemished, or inflamed skin. Witch hazel's naturally occurring flavonoids make it an effective and soothing anti-inflammatory. This completely natural toner is a gentle yet effective way to help minimize enlarged pores and combat oiliness, leaving your skin feeling fresh and toned. Furthermore, being an excellent skin toner and freshener, witch hazel is traditionally used to treat minor cuts, burns, rashes & insect bites. Suggested by dermatologists, it is one great ingredient for soaps and other cosmetic products. This natural facial toner is gluten-free, phthalates-free and comes in a premium, eco-friendly packaging.

Suggested Use: Apply with a cotton ball or soft pad to cleanse, soften, refresh and moisturize skin. Use anytime throughout the day to freshen the complexion.


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