IMIANA HOUSE Extra Rich Kokum Butter Soap

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: Body Care, Soap


Extra Rich Kokum butter with virgin coconut oil , extra virgin olive oil and Eucalyptus essential oil.

Word “Extra Rich” means it has maximum amount of kokum butter that can be used in soap.

Kokum butter is an excellent emollient, anti oxidant and moisturizer. It can be applied in pure form on dry skin. Since it is not greasy, it can be applied on face and body as a moisturizer. It gets readily absorbed in the skin and hydrates it, giving a soft supple and smooth skin. Pure Kokum butter is a good day time moisturizer, even for sensitive skin, as it is natural and free from chemical additives.

Anti Aging: The anti oxidants present in kokum butter make it capable of preventing wrinkles. It keeps skin hydrated and improves skin tone and elasticity. Thus it helps in maintaining a youthful skin.


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