Deniable Studio X Stands Copper & Brass - Set of 2

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: Deniable Studio

Individual objects created of interlocking brass / copper surfaces, laid across at an angle and perfectly sized to hold a tool.  It can be part of a horizontal or vertical orientation to stack, align and compose in a number of ways, completing the ensemble.

Colour: Natural Copper & Brass

Characteristics: Durable, Minimalistic, Handcrafted, Brush finish, Interlocking, Stacking

Material: Brass & Copper

Craftsmanship: Handcrafted by local craftsmen in Mumbai

Care instructions: Use a good quality brass/copper cleaning liquid and extra soft dust cloth. Do not apply pressure on persistent marks. Remove them using repeated gentle motions and by reapplying the brass cleaning liquid. 

Size (Product Dimension): 

Length: 45 mm 

Dimeter: 19 mm 

Weight: 0.05 kg


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