Deniable Studio Tray Box - Set of 2

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: Deniable Studio

Set of 2 Boxes (1 Square, 1 Rectangle)


Each set consists of a Square Tray-Box and a Rectangle Tray-Box. Aluminium plates are adapted to surface folding and refined for everyday use in a playful manner.

Colour: Black

Characteristics: Durable, Minimalistic, Handcrafted, Stacking

Material: Powder coated Aluminium

Craftsmanship: Handcrafted by local craftsmen in Mumbai

Care instructions: Clean with extra soft dust cloth

Size (Product Dimension): 

Box 1:  209mm X 104mm X 23.5mm

Box 2: 109mm X  100mm X 19.5mm

Box 3: 100mm X 104mm

Box 4: 100 X 96mm

Weight: 0.40 kg


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