Deniable Studio Octahedron Brass Planter - Small

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: Deniable Studio

It is an octahedron (eight equal triangular faces) geometry brass pot with brass plate base. This lacquered brass pot is designed to compliment the natural flora while bringing striking visual depth to every interior spatial arrangement.

The planter is suitable for Indoor planting. A drainage layer can be created by adding a medium – activated charcoal, before adding soil since it does not have drainage holes.

Includes one Brass pot and planting medium (charcoal).

Characteristics: Geometric surface folding, Durable, Minimalistic, Handcrafted

Material: Brass with high density Lacquer coat

Craftsmanship: Handcrafted by local craftsmen in Mumbai

Finish: Mirror Finish

Colour: Brass, Matt Black

Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 4.5"

Weight: 0.45 kg

Care instructions: Use a lightly damp soft dust cloth and gently go over marks until clean. Dry it afterwards with a soft dust cloth.


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