Botanic Love Tropical Citrus Pineapple Bar

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: Body Care, Soap

: Botanic Love

Tropical Citrus Pineapple Bar

100gm 3.5Oz Finish:Handmade India

Set of 2

Tanned Skin/Pollution prone Skin/Open Pores


Our tropical citrus pineapple bar is excellent for tanned skin. It is an excellent bar that fights sun damage, especially in the Indian summers. The pineapple enzyme digests and lifts dead skin cells and softens debris in pores, it also has high concentrations of Vitamin C, malic and citric acid that help produce collagen and remove tanned skin,revealing bright complexion.


Apply bar to wet face and body,let it sit for a few minutes,apply bath sponge and work up a lather,rinse twice.


Aqua, potassium hydroxide, pineapple chunks, essential oils of peach, palm and coconut oil


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