Botanic Love Pure Sandal Anti Pigmentation Mask

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: Botanic Love

Suitable for skin prone to Sun Tan/Blemishes/Patchy Skin

Botanic Love's Pure Sandal Anti Pigmentation Mask is made of healthy herbs which control the activity of over activated melanin producing cells which is the cause of pigmentation.

Usage: We usually advice all to purchase the two anti pigmentation aids as a set : the Bearberry Anti Pigmentation Exfoliator and Pure Sandalwood Mask, as they work best when used together. They serve a dual purpose of removing the dead skin cells while the mask nourishes the skin and seals it-closing the pores.

The mask has to be mixed with an equal quantity of curd and applied evenly on the affected area, leaving it on the skin for about 7-8 minutes. And then when it gets semi-dry, use lukewarm water to massage and tissue off.

Repeat this regularly, at least twice a week and you would be amazed with the results.


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