Botanic Love Peach Baby Bar

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: Body Care, Soap

: Botanic Love

Peach Baby Bar
60 gm 2.1Oz
Handmade In India
All Skin Types/Baby Bar
This gentle fruity Peach Bar delivers a cloud of luxurious foam that transforms into a rich,creamy lather to gently wash away dirt and germs while soothing aloevera and nourishing vitamin E leave your baby's skin feeling soft,smooth and moisturised with a lightly scent of Apricot and Peaches.SLES and Paraben Free.
Apply this bar first on you hands,add water and lather and then apply to baby's body,be very careful,avoid using near the face or sensitive areas.For best results ,rinse first with water and then milk,wipe dry with fresh clean towel,and apply Botanic Love's Hydrating Olive Cream.
Shea Butter,Olive Oil base,Castor,Peaches and Olive pulp.

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