Botanic Love Passion Bar

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: Botanic Love

Passion Bar

100gm 3.5 Oz  Finish:Indian Handmade

Set of 3 Soaps

Pigmentation on Face/Skin Discolouration/Patchy Skin



Another one of our best sellers.This Bar has been a favourite among the women since the day it was crafted.Enriched with Wine and blended with natural Himalyan grape juice with tropical herbs that brighten the skin. Passion bar is 100% handmade:the herbal content in this bar is  gentle yet effective.This bar can be used each day,twice,morning followed up with our Vitamin e sunscreen lotion and at night with our Intensive Night Repair Serum.Regular use of this bar helps in fading dark pigmentation.Botanic Love’s Passion Bar has grapefruit and wine which aids in preventing uneven skin tone and dark pigmentation.This exotic fruit smelling bar has powerful antioxidants which leave your skin hydrated without stripping the natural oils.The natural grapefruit seed oil in this bar delivers a rich lather and leaves skin cleansed and refreshed.


All natural,our Passion Bar has mild exfoliation that helps in lightening deep seated pigmentation.Apply to wet face and body,work up a creamy lather which has a delicious rinse off.


Olive oil,Coconut water, Aqua, glycerin, castor oil, wine blend, pure grapefruit seed oil, potassium
hydroxide, coconut milk.


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