Botanic Love Natural Rose & Indian Sandalwood Bar

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Natural Rose & Indian Sandalwood Bar
100gm 3.50z  Finish:Indian Handmade
Dry/Dehydrated Skin
This bar artfully combines Roses,Indian Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang with French Pink Clay,one of the mildest cosmetic clays that works well for normal,sensitive or mature skin by not stripping the skin of oil but simply providing mild exfoliation while gently cleansing and stimulating circulation to the skin.
 Apply bar to wet skin, work up a lather, rinse off. For best results apply Botanic Love’s Pure Gold Glow Gel, massage and rinse.
Extra Virgin Oil,coconut,palm kernel and rice bran oils,shea butter,castor bean,distilled water,jojoba oil,sandalwood powder,rose essential oil,calendula petals,ylang ylang essential oils.

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