Botanic Love Exfoliating Loofah Bar

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: Botanic Love

Exfoliating Loofah Bar

100 gm 3.5Oz   Finish:Indian Handmade
Clogged Skin/Skin Prone to excessive Sun exposure/Tanned Skin
This bar is specially formulated with  loofah fibers,a natural exfoliant that scrubs away stubborn cellulite ,skin impurities and dead skin.Assorted fruits present in this bar protect and moisturize the skin while the loofah unclogs pores,allowing the skin to breathe freely.
While in shower,apply the bar to areas needing exfoliation and cellulite reduction,add water and rinse well.For best results,apply Botanic Love's Anticellulite Oil on the body  a night prior to shower. 
Aqua,Palm Acid,Natural Loofah,Essential Aromatic Oils

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