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This cute botanical travel friendly set comes with a set of 6 tub containers- complete with facial wash, bear berry gel exfoliator, brightening gel,Anti Pigmentation Mask and sunscreen lotion(daywear) and hydrating olive cream( night cream) - complete set has the advantages of non- chemical formulations and  Natural extracts that prevent melanin synthesis effectively, designed to brighten the skin . 
It turns out that beauty is more than skin deep Since these products are all natural,do give them time to convert and adapt to your skin and sink in.For effective results, use twice a week , for up to 3 months. This set should last you for the said time.
Contents in the Anti Pigmentation Box
1. Delicate Facial wash 100ml
can be used twice a day,it’s a gel facial wash, sulphate and paraben free,helps in removing surface toxins and prepares the skin for exfoliation
2. Anti Pigmentation Exfoliator 50gm
Can be used twice a week for dissolving melanin and surface pollutants.
3. Absolute Pearl Facial Brightening Gel 50gm
Is a facial gel to be used after the exfoliator, to give glow, delivers botanical nutrients to the skin
4. Anti Pigmentation Mask 50 gm
Is a super effective Ayurvedic powder based mask, to be mixed in equal quantities if yogurt and applied after the exfoliator, twice a week
5. Vit E Sunscreen 100ml
A Matt based super coverage sunscreen lotion that seals the skin and keeps the harmful sun exposure at bay.
6. Hydrating Olive Creme 50gm
This is a super nourishing olive night cream to be used each night followed by the facial wash.
This box can be customised to be gift wrapped too for the festive season.
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