Botanic Love Anti Acne Bar

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: Botanic Love

Our top most selling bar,we are forever out of stock with this one.Suits Oily to Normal skin prone to bacterial infections.Has an excellent concoction of Indian Neem,peppermint,Teatree for curing and treating pimples, dandruff and oily skin. Also treats acne scars with its tea-tree anti-bacterial properties.This bar is very effective for clearing scars on the shoulders and back too ,a favourite among teenagers and curing overactive sebaceous glands.Handcrafted in India. Essential mint is exceptionally active against all kind of infectious organisms such as bacteria, fungus and viruses. It contains natural antibiotic qualities that are used in treatments against acne and face infections.Neem and teatree leaves present inside the bar deeply cleanses the pores, making the skin look clean and healthy.This Bar can be used as a Shampoo bar too,fighting off dandruff and sebaceous scalp conditions.



INGREDIENTS: Neem, peppermint, tea tree 

GOOD FOR: Curing and treating pimples, dandruff and oily skin. 

Anti Acne Bar 100gm


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