About us

ihaat.in the exclusive 'Made in India' e-commerce platform which is recognised under StartUp India program of Government of India.
The word ‘ihaat’ means an internet marketplace (‘Haat’- a Hindi word meaning market, especially one held on a regular basis in a rural area).
ihaat.in is an initiative to provide a platform to market products manufactured by artisans, micro and small scale manufacturers. Needless to say we only feature 100% MADE IN INDIA products.
ihaat is not only a binary fed digital website, we call ihaat a human-site. A site which tells the personal story of each manufacturer we feature, a site which whispers about the efforts poured into each product which is listed and sold on ihaat.in
Ihaat is a story teller, it whishes to bridge the gap between the home of an Indian artisan and the heart of the appreciators through the medium of films.